With the range of products and materials on hand at Advanced Display Systems, it can seem overwhelming if you are not sure what the best material or structure will be to display your information. We certainly get a lot of questions from our customers. Here are a few things to think about while planning that will help us meet your needs in an efficient manner. What Size? Be sure to check the dimensions of the intended location. The majority of the work we do is custom with few standard sizes for any of our products. For name plates and name tags, we offer some standard sizes to fit desk and wall holders, etc. How Many? Many of our products have flexible pricing based on quantity ordered. If you know you will be ordering more in the future, extra planning can save you money! Mounting? Where will this product be displayed? We have frames and stands for banners, pins or magnets for nametags, and a number of substrates for our wide format printed products. There are often multiple routes to the same goal, our experienced staff is happy to offer assistance. Indoor or Outdoor, Temporary or Permanent? Depending on the need, we offer a number of affordable temporary sign products as well as long lasting materials specific for outdoor use. Material? Got a material in mind, but need a mounting solution? Not sure what to use? Just ask! We have a number of materials in stock and we can special order for unique projects.